Tropical Breeze Caribbean Restaurant

Tropical Breeze Caribbean Restaurant - Good Food, Great Taste

Welcome to Tropical Breeze Caribbean Restaurant

We proudly serve delicious traditional authentic island dishes like only an authentic Long Island New Yorker can. Authentic to the way I received my Jerk Chicken plates from the local Dred on the corner. Authentic Arroz con Gandules I picked up at the corner Bodega. The best traditional Dominican Spaghetti that came from my best friends natively from D.R.

We are located in the Down Town area of Frisco City, Alabama. We cater to the surrounding Tri-County areas of Escambia, Conecuh, and Monroe. The dishes come from various islands such as Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic. We also have some American inspired dishes. All of our recipes are bursting with colorful ingredients, traditional herbs, and filled with wonderful flavor.

Our New York roots of multi cultural diversity allows us to bring the foods we loved so much to here where we want everyone to enjoy the best Caribbean food ever to leave the Caribbean Islands and Long Island.



Sonny Roche
I definitely recommend this place to any one who loves food. So delicious. So much flavor. Hands down.
Biggie Wallace
Amazing food great people
amanda walker
I can't recommend this treasure of a place enough. The food is outstanding! The owners are so nice and have such a great family. They offer the warmth of the Caribbean in the heart of Frisco City.
Angela Gilthorpe
Wow! The food here is so Good! The hotel had a menu so we decided to give it a try and it was delicious. The owner and her daughter were incredibly sweet. I will definitely eat here again.
Jessica Woodward
We were in Monroeville and decided to try this little restaurant on a whim because we LOVE curry. The food was SO good! The chicken was fall-off-the-bone tender and so flavorful. The fried bread is amazing. The people were so kind and the place was clean. We would...
Joni S.
OMG!! All I want to do is take her home and have her cook for me!! The food is ALWAYS delicious. If im looking to satiate my cravings for “something different” this is where it happens. You won’t be disappointed!!!

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